Our Mission

The mission of the Birger Sandzen Gallery of Art is to provide an unparalleled resource for the preservation, collecting, exhibiting and sales of paintings by Birger Sandzen (1871-1954). Born Sven Birger Sandzen in Sweden, he would become a prolific Impressionist landscape painter. His early works were Tonalist in style and after he started painting in Colorado his palette developed into a use of bold colors and heavily applied paints similar to the Fauvist style. Birger Sandzen first received art instruction in college before the age of ten and as an adult he became a college professor and taught for more than fifty years. His style ultimately earned him the title of the "American Van Gogh" and his paintings of the Rocky Mountains can easily be identified due to their unique style.

Our constant contact with collectors of Birger Sandzen artwork provides you with an excellent source should you wish to sell your Birger Sandzen painting. If you are interested in purchasing works of art by Birger Sandzen, you may wish to add your name to our mailing list so we can notify you of new availabilities. We hope that this website will enrich your enjoyment and understanding of the art and paintings by this artist.

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